Two Worlds is available for Pre-Order

02 Apr

Two Worlds_FinalCover_Front

Two Worlds, the first in the Family Ties series by Michael Adams is now up and available for pre-order.





To young Staff Sergeant Susan Bennett it was just another mission, yet when her actions were transmitted to the world via a helmet camera she becomes an instant hero – especially to a young Ciara O’Brien.

Lieutenant Paul O’Brien was only thinking about getting home to his daughter and family when a common enemy decided an embassy in Cameroon was a good place to exact revenge. With the aid of Bennett they were able to extract themselves from an otherwise deadly situation. While their heroics saved lives, it also placed a bounty on their heads.

Now, in a race to save themselves and their family; Bennett and O’Brien must make sacrifices to save lives, including leaving the only family they have to travel to a colony on a far off planet. While there, it quickly becomes apparent that not all is the way it seems, and Bennett and O’Brien must rely on each other if they plan on coming out alive.


About Author:


Michael was born in Brooklyn New York, and raised in Staten Island, NY. He holds a degree in Business Admin from Wagner College and an MBA from San Diego State Univ. Michael is a US Navy Supply Corps (Logistics) officer, former independent small business owner, and part time substitute teacher.  Michael has lived in Austria for a semester in college, and visited 6 continents and 36 countries. He speaks Spanish, some German, a little Italian and less French. He currently lives in Chula Vista, CA with his wife Chris. His two sons, a math geek PhD candidate and an Afghanistan veteran frequently visit.

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