Exciting Things Happening For Wizards Keep

31 Dec

I hope that everyone had a great holiday season! We at Wizards Keep has been very busy this month, and we have finally dotted all of our I’s and crossed our T’s.

Wizards Keep has been acquired by Allegiant Publishing Group, and the closing date is slated for February 1, 2016.  Now that the contract has been signed, we can disclose a little more.

Wizards Keep Publishing was approached by Snow Leopard Publishing, the flagship imprint of Allegiant Publishing Group, with an offer of purchase. While Allegiant Publishing Group is relatively new, Snow Leopard is staffed by publishing professionals. One of the main reasons that I believed this to be the right step is that their social media presence is vastly superior to mine. They have a full staff, and their Chief Marketing Officer is very good at public relations, publicity, and social media, and I believe that your books will receive greater visibility and acclaim through their staff than my staff of one could ever give them.

My initial dream of opening this publishing house was to bring visibility to fantasy and science fiction writers who were essentially marginalized in the current field of romantic fiction.  Not only do I believe we succeeded, but we enabled three worthy authors of reaching their dream of becoming published.  I expect great things in the future for Wizards Keep Publishing and Allegiant Publishing.  Rest assured that the Wizards Keep name will carry on, as it is becoming an imprint of Allegiant.

Snow Leopard’s Chief Marketing Officer, Christian Lee, will be posting his own blog entry to detail more information from his side of these negotiations.

If you have any questions or concerns please continue to email us at
Thank you,
Andretta Schellinger
Current Co-Owner
Wizards Keep Publishing
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