Allegiant Publishing Group Acquires Wizards Keep Publishing

20 Jan

We’re very excited that we’ve been able to acquire Wizards Keep Publishing. The company means a lot to our CMO, Christian Lee, because he was offered his first publishing contract in December of 2014 by Wizards Keep. While things didn’t work out for Wizards Keep to publish his book, Christian learned a lot from the experience.

When Wizards Keep’s progress came to halt, we were greatly saddened and decided to step in and offer to carry on Wizards Keep’s work: “bringing visibility to fantasy and science fiction writers who are essentially marginalized in the current field of romantic fiction”.  To our great satisfaction, we were successful in acquiring Wizards Keep in December of 2015.

We have big plans for Wizards Keep! We plan to relaunch the company in April with Andretta’s help. We’ll be introducing a “Book Family Program” that will allow us to guarantee authors that we will publish all the books in their series or trilogy if they so wish and if their subsequent books adhere to our submission guidelines. We’re really excited about this program, and we’re sure that many authors will love to take advantage of it.


Check this blog often as we’ll update everyone as we make progress on relaunching Wizards Keep!

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