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Sad day for the writing and artistic community.

So while most of our posts are going to be about writing and the publishing industry, we here at Wizards Keep Publishing want to take a moment to send out thoughts out to France and all of the family and friends of those killed or injured in the Charlie Hebdo attack that occurred January 7, 2014 in Paris.

For those who don’t know Charlie Hebdo pushes the line every week with their satire based magazine that pokes fun at political and religious events and traditions.  This political satirizing is not new, in fact it has been going on since the 1800s, most notably during World War I and World War II where events and politicians were not immune for the pen and paper.   To put your face out in the public light during that time, one expected to have been a figure of satire.

While not countries have the freedom of speech that the United States has, France is a very liberal bastion of speech and to see this occur there is heartbreaking.

So along with other publishers and artists, #jesuischarlie.

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