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Allegiant Publishing Group Acquires Wizards Keep Publishing

We’re very excited that we’ve been able to acquire Wizards Keep Publishing. The company means a lot to our CMO, Christian Lee, because he was offered his first publishing contract in December of 2014 by Wizards Keep. While things didn’t work out for Wizards Keep to publish his book, Christian learned a lot from the experience.

When Wizards Keep’s progress came to halt, we were greatly saddened and decided to step in and offer to carry on Wizards Keep’s work: “bringing visibility to fantasy and science fiction writers who are essentially marginalized in the current field of romantic fiction”.  To our great satisfaction, we were successful in acquiring Wizards Keep in December of 2015.

We have big plans for Wizards Keep! We plan to relaunch the company in April with Andretta’s help. We’ll be introducing a “Book Family Program” that will allow us to guarantee authors that we will publish all the books in their series or trilogy if they so wish and if their subsequent books adhere to our submission guidelines. We’re really excited about this program, and we’re sure that many authors will love to take advantage of it.


Check this blog often as we’ll update everyone as we make progress on relaunching Wizards Keep!

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Exciting Things Happening For Wizards Keep

I hope that everyone had a great holiday season! We at Wizards Keep has been very busy this month, and we have finally dotted all of our I’s and crossed our T’s.

Wizards Keep has been acquired by Allegiant Publishing Group, and the closing date is slated for February 1, 2016.  Now that the contract has been signed, we can disclose a little more.

Wizards Keep Publishing was approached by Snow Leopard Publishing, the flagship imprint of Allegiant Publishing Group, with an offer of purchase. While Allegiant Publishing Group is relatively new, Snow Leopard is staffed by publishing professionals. One of the main reasons that I believed this to be the right step is that their social media presence is vastly superior to mine. They have a full staff, and their Chief Marketing Officer is very good at public relations, publicity, and social media, and I believe that your books will receive greater visibility and acclaim through their staff than my staff of one could ever give them.

My initial dream of opening this publishing house was to bring visibility to fantasy and science fiction writers who were essentially marginalized in the current field of romantic fiction.  Not only do I believe we succeeded, but we enabled three worthy authors of reaching their dream of becoming published.  I expect great things in the future for Wizards Keep Publishing and Allegiant Publishing.  Rest assured that the Wizards Keep name will carry on, as it is becoming an imprint of Allegiant.

Snow Leopard’s Chief Marketing Officer, Christian Lee, will be posting his own blog entry to detail more information from his side of these negotiations.

If you have any questions or concerns please continue to email us at
Thank you,
Andretta Schellinger
Current Co-Owner
Wizards Keep Publishing
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Holiday Sale !!



All books that Wizards Keep has published are on sale digitally for $0.99.
Get your Fantasy and Science Fiction loving friends and family that are widely popular.
LegendofRhett_FinalCover_FrontOnly (1)
Two Worlds_FinalCover_Front
Final Cover_The Aprentices_FRONTONLY
Available on Barnes and Noble, Ibook, KOBO, and other formats through Smashwords
Also available Kindle at Amazon.
This sale is only good though December 27th. So if you didn’t get what you really wanted, jump on over and pick up these books :).
If you want to give that special someone a signed copy, please email us at and we will work to make that happen.
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The Future of Wizards Keep Publishing

On July 27, 2015 the family of Wizards Keep suffered a tremendous loss.  To be honest this is the first time that the owners have even looked at the website since that day.  We were attempting to honor the authors currently under contract and working to get more books on the shelves, however the owners realized they couldn’t get new books processed.  During this time we have also been working towards processing our loss.


At this time Wizards Keep will not be bringing on new authors but will stay true to our authors already published.  We feel that this is fair to them as well as to our customers.  Our next book was due to be published 1 September but that will not happen.


We do not know if we will be picking up new authors in the future, we do not know what will become of Wizards Keep, but to our audience and authors, we will continue to carry your books, we will continue your series, and we will continue to work through this.


Thank you


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“The Broken Alliance” by Bennett Mohler

Wizards Keep would like to officially announce the upcoming publication

“The Broken Alliance” A Legend of Rhett Novel by Bennett Mohler.


LegendofRhett_FinalCover_FrontOnly (1)


Book Title: The Broken Alliance

Book Series: The Legend of Rhett

Publication Date: July 1, 2015

Word Count: 105,000

Page Count: 289

Publication Price: $11.99 TP, $3.99 Digital




“I am only that which others see me as, and others are only that which I see them as.”

Everyone knew the name Beio-Rhett but no one knew what he looked like.  While he did his part during the Rebellion, Beio-Rhett was not known for being benevolent.  Instead he was seen by many as a mercenary.  However in a galaxy where fighting is common place, and grudges are held among nationalities for generations, it is up to Beio Rhett, his friend Dembo, and the persnickety Sergeant Singatt to travel to distant lands and become pseudo government agents.

While seemingly straight forward for Beio-Rhett and Dembo, there is more to their mission than they were prepared for.  Even with joining forces, can the ragtag group combat the Masked Menace?


About the Author Bennett Mohler:


Bennett Mohler was born in San Jose, CA in 1988. He graduated from University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. He is an avid reader and has been writing since a very young age. He now resides in Portland, OR where he also enjoys playing music, hiking, and drinking scotch.

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“The Broken Alliance” Cover Reveal

“The Broken Alliance” by Bennett Mohler is posed to be released.


With a release day of July 1, 2015 Wizards Keep is so excited.

Not only is this a kicking story, but the cover is in my opinion awesome.


Are you ready?

Well here you go :).



LegendofRhett_FinalCover_FrontOnly (1)


Isn’t it awesome?  

Thank you so much to An Artful Raven Studio for producing yet another great cover.  

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The Apprentices on Sale!!!


Starting tomorrow Wednesday December 3, 2014 The Apprentices will be on sale for $0.99 for the rest of the year.

Yes you heard right, this great fantasy is available for $0.99 on Amazon and Smashwords.

Final Cover_The Aprentices_FRONTONLY

The paperback will still be 9.99 BUT we are also offering a signed copy of The Apprentices for 9.99.  All you have to do is email us at with your address and who you want the book to be dedicated to if that is your thing.  After we get your email we will ask that you transfer the money to Paypal. All books will sent so they arrive prior to Christmas.

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