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First Look !!! The Apprentices by Dana Journey

Hello All,

I am proud to announce that Dana Journey’s first book will be hitting the proverbial shelves on November 15th.  The Cover Reveal will take place on November 10, 2015, so keep your eyes peeled for that.



“The burning was too great to withstand, I let go. My mind, still functioning, allowing me to watch and possibly understand, but this time I was not going to regret my body’s actions.”

Lyndon a student on his way to training, an old forgotten lighthouse and a simple life turned upside down by a scroll, and a man in a dream. Not only is his life in Townsend coming to an end, but his life itself may be in danger. The power that had been there all the time, just waiting to escape, A power so great and deadly for everyone around if he cannot learn control.

With his life turned upside down and a friend by his side. A friend whose secret may change everything. A secret which may could also aid Lyndon in his newly destined path.

From Slavers, to the Keeper of a deadly Library endlessly burning, Lyndon must learn about himself before he is thrust into a war and web of deceit and treachery that leads to a rag tag group fighting for their survival.

Lyndon’s existence may rely on his friends as well as his internal fortitude. The fate of his friends, and the world could rest on the shoulders of a young, berserker. With immortals and mortals seeking to ruin his path, will Lyndon learn to lead the four apprentices and balance being a leader and a friend. Or will his future end with the destruction of the known world and the end of the Guardians?

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