High School Writing Competition

Wizards Keep Publishing is not only a publishing company but an active member of the community.  In an effort to show this we have decided to start an annual writing competition for local high school students.

Deadline is May 1, 2015.

No late submissions will be accepted.  So please plan accordingly.


1. Must be a student of Hood River County, Wasco County, Sherman County, Skamania County, or Klickitat County

2. Must be 14-18 years old by the beginning of 2015.

3. If under 18, student must have adult sign contract if won.

4. Submissions must be over 30,000 words for submission.

5. We will not accept poetry or stories that contain pedophilia, incest (as a focal point of a story) or bestiality, in the traditional sense of the word.

6.  Submissions must be sent to with High School Writing Contest in the subject line.

7.  The front page of your manuscript must include the following format:



Contact email


Word Length



7. Manuscript must be in one of the following genres:

Science Fiction




 Paranormal  Dystopian  Fantasy  Science Fiction
Ghosts, Angels, Fae, vampires, and other creatures that can be light or dark. Think Anna Dressed in Blood or Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. This is a story that exists in a world that has been altered. Think post-apocalyptic, nuclear warfare, etc.  The Running Man, and Hunger Games are two good examples. Mages, Towers, Elves, Pixies, evil wizards. Think Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. This is a world that science rules, be it in the future or in modern times. Science is the overpowering theme. Computers, aliens, and starships make this genre.  Think StarTrek and Ender’s Game.

The small print:

There is no charge to enter the contest

Wizards Keep Publishing will not hold rights to your manuscript until a contract is offered and signed. During this time you are welcome to submit to other avenues. However if you do submit to other avenues and are offered a contract, you the author must notify Wizards Keep Publishing immediately as this may remove you from the competition.

If a contract is offered all contract requirements are applicable.

Wizards Keep Publishing does not offer advancements but does do a competitive royalty agreement.

Wizards Keep Publishing reserves the right to offer contracts to zero, one, or multiple manuscripts. All finalists and winners will be announced via this website along with local media outlets.

We will choose a winner from each genre.  All four individuals will receive contracts.

Wizards Keep Publishing reserves the right to create a anthology or multi-book set of contestant manuscripts following the signing of a contract.  Wizards Keep Publishing will never use your manuscript without the express written permission of the author and guardian (if applicable)


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